Law Office of Daniel Frankston was established in 2003 and has assisted individuals and small businesses in numerous aspects of civil litigation.  Although our primary focus is on tenants' rights, personal injury and business litigation, we've also represented  individuals and businesses in debt collection, contract disputes and real estate transactions.  

Our clients truly appreciate the time and effort put into every aspect of their legal concerns. We're here to help you, and that's something we don't take lightly. 

We also offer our services to other lawyers and law firms on a contract basis.

Daniel Frankston

Daniel has represented individuals and small business in state and federal litigation for more than 25 years.  

With extensive experience in both jury and bench trials, Daniel knows how to navigate through the legal system  in order to get his clients their desired result.

Daniel takes a no-nonsense approach to lawsuits and is often commended for his ability to translate legalese into plain english for his clients.  

Daniel also makes his services available to other lawyers and law firms on a contract basis.

We specialize in assisting individuals and small businesses navigate through today's complicated legal system.  Our years of experience and excellent communication skills enables us to assist you to better understand all aspects of the legal challenges you or your business face.

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